list of collar shops (2018)

we have compiled a list of online collar shops so you can focus on finding the right collar. for now it’s just the list, no review or descriptions. maybe we’ll add those later.









beautifully bound


chainmail and more


collar factory






dungeon steel


elegant collars


eros moon


eternity collars


fancy steel


fantasies in leather


gentle medusa


house of collars


invincible rubber






kitten’s playpen




mockingbird lane wire




my secret heart


obsession jewellery


ring of steel


rowan’s originals


skye wired designs


submissive offerings


the caged flower


the collar shop


the stockroom


the twisted screw


to be his


trinity leather goods


vex clothing


victorian love


what nobody knows


wyred slave


some people believe that making the collar with your own hands adds depth and meaning to the collar that a store bought collar could never convey. they will want to visit their local diy stores and craft stores, or maybe they will repurpose an old belt or melt metal from another source. while you are at the diy store, keep an eye out for all sorts of cuffs, chains, implements, prickly things, brushy things. the diy store is heaven for the kinky mind, and the prices are generally a fraction of those in kink-oriented stores!

your local diy store

Way too many to list! Use a search engine to find a good option in your area.

your local crafts store

way too many to list, like diy stores

your local pet store or one of the following online stores

some might be more interested in “real” pet collars, to emphasize the role of the collared individual. here are some stores that sell dog and cat accessories, including electric shock training collars, in the list below.


hand crafted dog collars


lion country supply


two hounds design


the kenyan collection



we love your feedback to add information, shops, collar types and make this the best information on collar shops.

use the comments below!

about the links and their order

the list is in alphabetical order.

the main web address is listed for every shop. this means you will sometimes have to do some navigating to get to the collars. But you’ll also get to see

all the other awesome things they sell (and the links won’t break as easily).


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  1. Thanks for this list. I really like the pet-style collars! I just might leave this page open on Daddies tablet (A)

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