Frugal kink: whips and floggers

Frugal Kink

Ready to start kinkin’ but don’t want to shell out? Found nice toys but aren’t masochistic enough for the prices? Tiny budget for big dreams?
In the Frugal Kink series we’ll look at some ultra low budget toys to get your kink on for next to nothing. You’ll have no more reasons to postpone getting your basic kink inventory sorted!

Whips and floggers

This time we are looking at whips. A classic and simple way of inflicting pain, creating beautiful marks that will last for a long time. In this department it’s really not necessary to spend a whole lot of money. It’s better to start with one or two whips, and through varying your techniques make the best use of them.

Let’s look at a couple of options here. Keep in mind that we haven’t been able to test these yet but as soon as we have, we will update these posts with reviews and real-world photos!




Look around you.

Do you have a piece of rope you no longer use? Thick rope makes for a good ‘horsetail’ style whip. Just roughen up the end to expose the individual strains and you’re done! Who needs a handle if you can get started for free!

If you have some old, thin leather lying around you can cut it in to strips, bind the strips together and you’ll have a pretty good flogger (and a use for that piece of leather!).

Can’t find any leather? Go to your local bicycle shop and ask for a couple of old inner tubes. You cut them in to strips in the length that you want and bind them together to form an effective flogger!

You can also braid the strips of inner tube to create a whip. This will take a little longer, of course, but it may just be worth it.



Around $5

These are the cheapest possible options for those looking to spend as little as possible. We’re trying to stay away from fakes and scams, like tiny products that don’t work at all.

48 cm faux leather “Pimp Whip”, just over $4

At just over $4, shipping included, this is one of the cheapest whips we could find that has a somewhat decent size. It was on sale at the time of searching but if it isn’t you’re still looking at around $5. That’s an insanely low price!

The whip is sold as 48cm, so it’s quite a small one. Take into account that the handle is most likely in that measurement. You’re probably looking at roughly 30cm of whip and 20cm of handle, which is a decent, small whip.

That’s a very nice little whip at a very nice little price indeed!

Red and black whip, less than $ 5

Another option in the cheapest category, this small whip looks pretty scary with its black and red pattern, knotted PU leather and nicely finished handle. The size is not stated clearly but the package size is said to be 17cm (6.7in), so it’s probably a very small, very painful little whip!

There are different colours too, so you can even do a little bit of personalizing, make it match with toys and tools you already have!



Around $10

For those that are looking to spend a little more in order to get a little more.

70cm Handmade leather whip, $13

Here’s this simple and elegant, minimalistic whip. Just wedged between the cheapest options and the somewhat more expensive ones, this looks to be a painful (and therefore useful!) addition to your toy bag or chest.



Around $20

Money is not an issue here, except for the fact that it’s still the very cheap options, of course. It’s Frugal Kink after all, remember? 😉

59cm (23in) Horsetail whip, $20

Look at that, for just 20 dollars you’ll be disciplining bare bottoms all over the world! After all this is a very small whip at 59cm (23in) this should easily fit in your luggage. And don’t be fooled by the soft looks, horsetail whips are notorious for their intense sting!

So if you’re in the market for a low budget high effect implement, this little horsetail may be just what you’re looking for.

100cm (40in) Leather Bull Whip, $19

In this category, we find the beautifully finished handmade Bull Whip. At 1 meter (about 40 inches) this is a respectable tool that undoubtedly will help you whip your slave in to shape pronto! A must have for every master and dominant, and at this price, there’s no reason to not acquire it. You can make it a little cheaper by choosing the slightly shorter version. You can make it a little more expensive by choosing the leather handle version.

In any case, this is a very good looking and decently sized whip for that price!

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